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Testing of concurrent programs is much more difficult than that of sequential programs. A concurrent program behaves nondeterministically, that is, the program may produce different results with the same input data according to execution timings of the program. In testing of concurrent programs, test data must specify not only input data but also sequences(More)
Testing of programs is important to increase reliability of the programs. Coverage is a ratio of the number of worked test-events to all test-events, and it is used as a metric of testing sufficiency and reliability. The test-events are defined by a testing criterion. Some testing criteria are proposed for evaluating testing sufficiency of sequential(More)
Digital audio devices have been changing music entertainment environment. Those devices are bundled with music jukebox software, such as Apple's iTunes, Sony's CONNECT player. Jukebox software not only enables us to recode, play, search, purchase music on PC, but also to manage playlist. Anybody can make his/her own playlists, and play music according to(More)
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