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This paper proposes an endoscopic forceps manipulator with 2-DOFs bending mechanism by multi-slider linkage mechanisms and 1-DOF wire-driven grasping mechanism. Careful design of the linkage channels and restoring springs enabled unique, independent and stable bending procedure from −90 to 90 degrees on the horizontal and vertical plane to secure large(More)
We developed a combined system of tumor detection by 5-ALA-induced PpIX fluorescence and precise ablation by micro laser for the first time, with an automatic focusing and robotic scanning mechanism for the brain surface. 5-ALA accumulates on tumors to be metabolized to become PpIX that is a fluorescent. Intra-operative detection of 5-ALA induced PpIX(More)
This paper describes a master-slave surgical robotic system with software modular system design, which integrates various independently developed surgical devices. When we add new functions to the developed modular system, there is no need for time-consuming redesign of the entire system. However, we cannot evaluate the computational system load exactly(More)
This document describes several use cases of peering of non-VoIP (Voice over IP) services between two or more Service Providers. These Service Providers create a peering relationship between themselves, thus enabling their users to collaborate with users on the other Service Provider network. The target of this document is to drive requirements for peering(More)
The evolution of medium power fields of nonlinear optical waveguides is investigated numerically. The analysis method is based on mode matching of local normal modes of bounded waveguides. Nonlinear cladding waveguides are butt-coupled to linear waveguides. The path of a medium power level beam winds between the film and the nonlinear cladding. The input(More)