Eirini Spyropoulou

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Mining patterns from multi-relational data is a problem attracting increasing interest within the data mining community. Traditional data mining approaches are typically developed for single-table databases, and are not directly applicable to multi-relational data. Nevertheless, multi-relational data is a more truthful and therefore often also a more(More)
Web communities involve networks of loosely coupled data sources. Members in those communities should be able to pose queries and gather results from all data sources in the network, where available. At the same time, data sources should have limited restrictions on how to organize their data. If a global schema is not available for such a network, query(More)
This paper suggests a framework for mining subjectively interesting pattern sets that is based on two components: (1) the encoding of prior information in a model for the data miner's state of mind; (2) the search for a pattern set that is maximally informative while efficient to convey to the data miner. We illustrate the framework with an instantiation(More)
Exploratory Data Mining (EDM), the contemporary heir of Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) pioneered by Tukey in the seventies, is the task of facilitating the extraction of interesting nuggets of information from possibly large and complexly structured data. Major conceptual challenges in EDM research are the understanding of how one can formalise a nugget of(More)
As in any dynamic market, supply and demand of music are in a constant state of disequilibrium. Music charts have for many years documented the demand for the most popular music, but a more comprehensive understanding of this market has remained beyond reach. In this paper, we provide a proof of concept for how web resources now make it possible to study(More)
Methods for local pattern mining are fragmented along two dimensions: the pattern syntax, and the data types on which they are applicable. Pattern syntaxes include subgroups, n-sets, itemsets, and many more; common data types include binary, categorical, and real-valued. Recent research on relational pattern mining has shown how the aforementioned pattern(More)