Eirini Kaldeli

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Pervasive computing environments such as our future homes are the prototypical example of a dynamic, complex system where Service-Oriented Computing techniques will play an important role. A home equipped with heterogeneous devices, whose services and location constantly change, needs to behave as a coherent system supporting its inhabitants. In this paper,(More)
Web Service (WS) domains constitute an application field where automated planning can significantly contribute towards achieving customisable and adaptable compositions. Following the vision of using domain-independent planning and declarative complex goals to generate compositions based on atomic service descriptions, we apply a planning framework based on(More)
Domotics, concerned with the realization of intelligent home environments, is a novel field which can highly benefit from solutions inspired by service-oriented principles to enhance the convenience and security of modern home residents. In this work, we present an architecture for a smart home, starting from the lower device interconnectivity level up to(More)
1 Abstract The area of pervasive systems is characterized by high heterogeneity, with thousands of autonomous devices living together, and requiring high level of inter-operation. In particular, domotics is concerned with the pervasion of technology into housing, in order to make homes more pro-active and improve the level of security and comfort of their(More)
The future home will be pervaded by mobile and stationary devices which need to dynamically connect and coordinate in order to seamlessly help people in accomplishing their tasks. However, for this vision to become a reality , it is important for researcher and developer to build applications that constantly adapt and integrate heterogeneous devices(More)
Financial security APIs control the use of tamper-proof hardware security modules (HSMs) that are used in cash machine networks. The idea is that the API keeps the system secure even from corrupt insiders. Recently, several attacks have been found on these APIs, attracting the attention of formal methods researchers to the area. One family of attacks(More)