Eirin Carolan

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Mucosal-associated invariant T (MAIT) cells are innate MHC-unrestricted cells that regulate inflammatory responses through the rapid production of cytokines. In this article, we show that circulating MAIT cells are depleted in obese adults, and depletion is associated with diabetic status. Circulating MAIT cells more frequently produced IL-17 upon(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity is characterized by chronic inflammation, immune dysregulation, and alteration of gene expression, associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease. The degree to which these changes occur in childhood obesity is not fully defined. AIMS AND METHODS The aim was to investigate the effect of childhood obesity on immune(More)
Isolated bloody nipple discharge is rare in infancy and is usually idiopathic. Discharge commonly resolves spontaneously, and ultrasonography is a useful diagnostic technique to detect the cause of discharge. The authors report a 7-month-old boy who presented with unilateral spontaneous bloody nipple discharge for 1 month without signs of infection or mass.
The cosmid H3.5, containing genes mapping to the murine H-2 Qa region, was used to transfect L cells by the calcium phosphate co-precipitation method. The resultant transfected cells expressed a Qa-like determinant as detected by an immune serum raised against the transfectant cells and Qa specific monoclonal antibodies. Two-dimensional gel analysis(More)
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