Eirikur Lindal

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This paper presents the 1-month, 6-month and 1-year prevalence rates for mental disorders in a random sample of people born in Iceland in 1931 and interviewed at the age of 55–57 years. The diagnoses were made according to DSM-III, on the basis of the National Institute of Mental Health's Diagnostic Interview Schedule (DIS) used by trained lay interviewers.(More)
In this study, the largest Nordic study of its kind, investigated psychosexual dysfunction among subjects aged 55–57 years. The cohort included 862 subjects of both sexes and all were interviewed using the Diagnostic Interview Schedule (DIS). Results showed that 122 subjects had a lifetime diagnosis of psychosexual dysfunction. The lifetime prevalence of(More)
BACKGROUND Individuals with chronic pain are among the most frequent users of health care. Still, a significant percentage does not utilize health care for pain. A range of factors predict chronic pain-related health care utilization. DESIGN A cross-sectional study aimed at identifying predictors of chronic pain-related health care utilization and(More)
This study aimed to ascertain whether disasters at sea had an enduring traumatic effect on psychological functioning, accident proneness, and on their interest to continue working at sea. Crew members of selected sea-disasters were contacted. The chosen disasters were of differing severity and in some cases fatalities had occurred. The disasters had taken(More)
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