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  • Johanna E. Torfadottir, Unnur A. Valdimarsdottir, Lorelei A. Mucci, Julie L. Kasperzyk, Katja Fall, Laufey Tryggvadottir +9 others
  • 2013
OBJECTIVE To examine whether fish and fish oil consumption across the lifespan is associated with a lower risk of prostate cancer. DESIGN The study was nested among 2268 men aged 67-96 years in the AGES-Reykjavik cohort study. In 2002 to 2006, dietary habits were assessed, for early life, midlife and later life using a validated food frequency(More)
  • Johanna E. Torfadottir, Unnur A. Valdimarsdottir, Lorelei Mucci, Meir Stampfer, Julie L. Kasperzyk, Katja Fall +9 others
  • 2012
To determine whether consumption of whole-grain rye bread, oatmeal, and whole-wheat bread, during different periods of life, is associated with risk of prostate cancer (PCa). From 2002 to 2006, 2,268 men, aged 67–96 years, reported their dietary habits in the AGES-Reykjavik cohort study. Dietary habits were assessed for early life, midlife, and current life(More)
Transcriptional and splicing anomalies have been observed in intron 8 of the CASP8 gene (encoding procaspase-8) in association with cutaneous basal-cell carcinoma (BCC) and linked to a germline SNP rs700635. Here, we show that the rs700635[C] allele, which is associated with increased risk of BCC and breast cancer, is protective against prostate cancer(More)
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