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DNA barcoding of Scandinavian birds reveals divergent lineages in trans-Atlantic species
Birds are a taxonomically well-described group of animals, yet DNA barcoding, i.e., the molecular characterization of species using a standardized genetic marker, has revealed unexpected patterns ofExpand
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Molecular and phenotypic divergence in the bluethroat (Luscinia svecica) subspecies complex
Subspecies complexes may provide valuable insights into the early stages of the speciation process. The bluethroat (Luscinia svecica) consists of many morphologically distinct subspecies that differExpand
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Phylogeny of the Mycetophiliformia, with proposal of the subfamilies Heterotrichinae, Ohakuneinae, and Chiletrichinae for the Rangomaramidae (Diptera, Bibionomorpha)
A phylogenetic analysis of the Mycetophiliformia (= Sciaroidea) was performed to determine the relationships among its families and to place the following genera of uncertain position in the system:Expand
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Molecular phylogeny of the fungus gnat family Mycetophilidae (Diptera, Mycetophiliformia)
Abstract A molecular phylogeny of the fungus gnat family Mycetophilidae based on the nuclear 18S, 28S, and the mitochondrial 16S rRNA genes is presented. The total alignment included 58 taxa and 1704Expand
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Do model‐based phylogenetic analyses perform better than parsimony? A test with empirical data
The use of model‐based methods to infer a phylogenetic tree from a given data set is frequently motivated by the truism that under certain circumstances the parsimony approach (MP) may produceExpand
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Molecular phylogeny of the fungus gnat tribe Exechiini (Mycetophilidae, Diptera)
The phylogenetic relationships within the fungus gnat tribe Exechiini have been left unattended for many years. Recent studies have not shed much light on the intergeneric relationship within theExpand
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On the family Diadocidiidae (Diptera, Sciaroidea) in Norway
The distribution of the two species of the genus Symmerus (Ditomyiidae) in Norway is discussed. Symmerus nobilis Lackschewitz, 1937 has hitherto not been recorded from Norway.
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Phylogeny of the subfamily Mycetophilinae (Diptera: Mycetophilidae)
A phylogenetic analysis of the Mycetophilinae is presented and discussed. The analysis is based on morphological characters for 27 genera. Fourteen equally parsimonious trees were found. TheExpand
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Reality check: a reply to Smith
Sir, Smith (2013) argued that Rindal and Brower’s (2011, hereafter RB) meta-analysis showing that phylogenetic analyses performed using parsimony (MP) and model-based methods almost always produceExpand
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Fungus gnats (Diptera, Mycetophilidae) from Finnmark, northern Norway
In this paper 277 species belonging to the family Mycetophilidae are reported from Finnmark. The majority of records are based on extensive fieldwork in 2010. Fifteen species have not previously beenExpand
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