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Female sexual functioning is a complex process involving physiological, psychosocial and interpersonal factors. Sexual dysfunction (SD) is frequent (40-74%) among women with multiple sclerosis (MS), reflecting neurological dysfunction, psychological factors, depression, side effects of medications and physical manifestations of the disease, such as fatigue(More)
OBJECTIVE The present study was designed to prospectively evaluate the intraperitoneal pressure, as well as clinical and hemodynamic effects of total paracentesis, as palliation of symptomatic ascites in ovarian cancer patients. METHODS Prospective study of 35 sequential total paracenteses was performed using a Veres cannula on patients with advanced(More)
OBJECTIVE Examine the benefits/risks of beta-blockers for pregnancy hypertension. STUDY DESIGN Meta-analysis of relevant trials identified by comprehensive literature review (1966-97). RESULTS Included were 30 trials for pregnancy hypertension, and four others for perinatal outcomes only. For mild chronic hypertension treated throughout pregnancy (n=2(More)
OBJECTIVE Both oro-related behavioural and sexual dysfunctions are non-life-threatening conditions which can have an impact on individual well-being. Possible common features include intra-body penetration, giving control to another person, and experiencing encounters that can sometimes be subjectively experienced as aggressive and/or abusive. The present(More)
Organophosphates are frequently used as insecticides in agricultural areas, therefore they may pose a risk for accidental exposure by dermal contact or through inhalation. We present the cases of eight young men, who worked unprotected and inexperienced with organophosphates. They were exposed dermally and developed mainly gastrointestinal symptoms and also(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the sexual function of women with and without vaginal penetration difficulties (VPDs) and relate it to the sexual function of their male partners. METHODS All consenting women attending a sexual medicine centre during 2005-2007 completed the Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) and answered questions about five VPDs (placement of a(More)
UNLABELLED According to the Security Service Law in Israel, a pregnant soldier serving her compulsory military service, who decides to continue with the pregnancy, is discharged from military service. If she wishes to terminate the pregnancy (TOP) and continue serving in the army, she is referred to a civilian pregnancy termination committee. OBJECTIVE(More)
Male and female sexual dysfunctions encompass biological, psychological and interpersonal aspects. Premature ejaculation (PE) and female vaginal penetration difficulties (VPD) are problems that may concurrently impair the couple's sexual relationship. We have studied the correlation between PE and VPD in the female partner, in a cross-sectional study of 125(More)
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