Einar Sudmann

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We studied the inhibitory effect of indomethacin on fracture healing in 135 young, male rats after oral administration compared with local application into the fracture. A closed mid-diaphyseal fracture of the left femur was performed in all the rats. The fractures were not immobilized. In one experiment, half of the animals received indomethacin via a(More)
The effect of indomethacin on haversian remodelling in the radius was studied in 16 rabbits. An osteotomy and a saw-cut almost through the bone were made in the middle and distal parts of the right radius, respectively. In order to obtain biological osteosynthesis in the osteotomy and the saw-cut the rabbits were not treated in any way during the following(More)
The effect of indomethacin (2 mg/kg/day) on the healing of closed unimmobilized femoral fractures was examined in rats. A standard femoral fracture was produced in 205 male adolescent rats, and three different experiments were done. In a long-term experiment, the rats were treated with either indomethacin or placebo for 29 days and fracture healing followed(More)
OBJECTIVE Prosthetic elements must be securely anchored to bone. Should revision surgery be necessary, preservation of bone stock is crucial. The goal of this study was to develop and assess a femoral stem combining secure anchorage and facilitated removal in a goat model. METHODS The development of the uncemented femoral stem was part of an innovation(More)
The healing of closed, non-immobilized femoral fractures in rats was seriously impaired by indomethacin given orally at a dose of 2 mg/kg daily. The fracture haematomas were larger and disappeared later in the animals receiving indomethacin. Mechanical strength testing of fracture healing showed that maximal tensile strength, elastic stiffness and maximal(More)
A patient with an ankle joint fracture-dislocation was preoperatively treated with indomethacin. As in previous animal experiments, indomethacin was found to have an inhibitory effect on bone formation. It is suggested that indomethacin should be used with caution if periosteal fracture healing is anticipated. Die Autoren haben einen Patienten mit einer(More)
Local hemostatics for osseous tissue should preferably be absorbable and biocompatible and should not inhibit osteogenesis. The tissue response and effect on demineralized bone-induced heterotopic osteogenesis in the abdominal muscle of 120 male Wistar rats by different local hemostatics were evaluated by light microscopy and 85Sr uptake analyses.(More)
Fusion of the sacroiliac joints (SIJ) has been a treatment option for patients with severe pelvic girdle pain (PGP). The primary aims were to evaluate the long-term outcomes in patients who underwent SIJ fusion and to compare 1-year outcomes with long-term outcomes. The secondary aim was to compare patients who underwent SIJ fusion with a comparable group(More)
Anterior displacement of the tibial tuberosity combined with shaving of the diseased cartilage was used as treatment for chondromalacia patellae in 32 knees in 28 consecutive patients and in one patient with chondromalacia femoris. The patients were aged 17 to 57 years. One patient had earlier sustained a serious injury to the ligaments of the knee,(More)