Einar Iveroth

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The purpose of this article is to analyse the repertoire of possible price models that organisations may deploy for their products and services. This is attained by developing the SBIFT model that suggests that organisations can differentiate by price along five dimensions. Previous research on pricing has been dispersed across different academic(More)
BACKGROUND Information technology (IT) plays a key role in public health care management because it could improve quality, efficiency, and patient care. Researchers and practitioners repeatedly contend that a health care organization's information systems strategy should be aligned with its objectives and strategies, a notion commonly known as IT alignment.(More)
This paper explores the degree and nature of the research interaction between the academic fields of Information Technology, Organization, and Organizational Change. This is done so as to see if, and how, the highly digitized modern business world is reflected in related research. The paper analyses 9.669 articles published in 1995-2006 that are derived(More)
This article addresses the question of how to change individuals' behavior towards more sustainable practices using Information Technology (IT). By following a multidisciplinary and socio-technical perspective, this inquiry is answered by applying a new framework-The Commonality Framework for IT-enabled Change-on a case study of sustainable behavioral(More)
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