Eimutis Valakevicius

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The paper presents the theoretical evaluation of the complexity of an algorithm, based on embedded Markov chains, for computing steady state probabilities. Experimental research with different infinitesimal generator matrices was performed to support theoretical evaluations. Results showed that modified algorithm can be more effective for sparse matrices.(More)
The purpose of this paper is to suggest a method and software for evaluating queuing approximations. A numerical queuing model with priorities is used to explore the behaviour of exponential phase-type approximation of service-time distribution. The performance of queuing systems described in the event language is used for generating the set of states and(More)
In this paper, stochastic automata networks (SANs) formalism to model reliability of power systems substations is applied. The proposed strategy allows reducing the size of state space of Markov chain model and simplifying system specification. Two case studies of standard configurations of substations are considered in detail. SAN models with different(More)
The paper provides a scientific approach to the problem of selecting a pension fund by taking into account some specific characteristics of the Lithuanian Republic (LR) pension accumulation system. The decision making model, which can be used to plan a long-term pension accrual of the Lithuanian Republic (LR) citizens, in an optimal way is presented. This(More)
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