Eilish O'Sullivan

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Dancers frequently present with hip pain. The etiology of this pathology has not been clearly identified from an anatomical perspective. Structural variations including hip dysplasia and dynamic variables from the foot to the pelvis will be discussed. Understanding the etiology as a structural entity, neuromuscular entity or a combination of the two, allows(More)
The utilization of hip arthroscopy is rapidly increasing due to improved arthroscopic techniques and training, better recognition of pathology responsible for non-arthritic hip pain and an increasing desire for minimally invasive procedures. With increasing rates of arthroscopy, associated complications are also being recognized. We present a series of six(More)
The popularity of running as a recreational sport for health gains has steadily increased. Runners may acquire several types of injuries including hip osteoarthritis (OA). Running is possible with mild forms of OA if proper joint mechanics, neuromuscular control, and technique are present. Recent literature will be discussed that builds upon previously(More)
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