Eileen T Bradbury

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When a baby is born with a visible disfigurement, then parents need to adjust to the loss of the anticipated 'perfect' child and thus accept their baby. The impact of the birth on the parents is described in the context of a measure which identifies areas of potential difficulty. The two groups studied were parents of children with cleft palates and parents(More)
There is currently no standard objective method for the assessment of developmental breast asymmetry. The results of corrective surgery in 24 patients with congenital breast deformities were evaluated subjectively (symmetry scores by patients and panels of observers), and objectively (linear measurements of nipple position and stereophotogrammetrically(More)
There is an increasing awareness that psychosocial outcome and health status are important outcomes following breast reduction surgery. In this study, patients awaiting breast reduction surgery completed detailed and comprehensive psychosocial assessments before and after surgery. Of 33 patients who completed the preoperative assessment, 20 patients were(More)
The task of decision-making about microvascular toe-transfer surgery is a complex one for parents and their children. The process involves balancing risks and benefits within the context of the emotional responses of the parents and the future needs of their children. This paper describes a model of clinical practice which incorporates that process through(More)
BACKGROUND Traditionally health-care providers have measured outcome of treatment of disease by focusing on tumour response and disease-free survival. However, it has become increasingly apparent that the behavioural and functional impact of treatment on the patient is important. This study investigates the psychological outcome and its relationship with(More)
Sixty-eight patients were evaluated 6 months to 6 years after treatment for oral cancer using standardized questionnaires to explore the influence of age, sex, site and stage of tumour, and primary treatment on their functional status measured by the University of Washington Quality of Life Questionnaire (UW-QoL), and the association between functional(More)
The breast has special significance for women but unlike women seeking breast augmentation little research has been carried out on those seeking breast reduction. The few studies to date have not used well-recognized instruments nor appropriate controls. The present study compared 33 patients on a waiting list with 22 large-breasted controls using a(More)
This was a retrospective study examining the psychosocial morbidity of patients before and after ear reconstruction. Semistructured questionnaires were sent to 90 patents with significant congenital or acquired auricular deformity 2.2 years (range 3 months to 5 years) following autogenous or osteointegrated reconstruction. Sixty-two patients (69%)(More)
This paper examines the psychological and social impact of reconstructive surgery for hemi-facial palsy and considers psychosocial factors which may be associated with patient satisfaction. It reports a retrospective study in which 106 adults were assessed using primarily qualitative methods. All participants had undergone two-stage reconstruction using(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM Parents of children with a cleft lip and palate may be emotionally affected by the child's diagnosis. Their experiences and perceptions are important when evaluating the complexity of satisfactory treatment outcomes. The objective was to examine parents' social and emotional experiences related to their child's cleft diagnosis, and their(More)