Eileen L Daniel

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BACKGROUND Noise-induced hearing loss is a major cause of deafness and hearing impairment in the United States. Though genetics and advanced age are major risk factors, temporary and permanent hearing impairments are becoming more common among young adults and children especially with the increased exposure to portable music players. Though treatment(More)
1. The important variables related to lost work time in this study are: back diagnosis (lumbar disc displacement), history of back surgery, job satisfaction, and employee reluctance to report low back pain to supervisor. 2. The findings support the complexity of low back disability. Lost work time related to low back pain must be managed using a "holistic"(More)
This article describes a ratio of recommended to restricted food components (RRR) designed to provide consumers with a summary of food label information to guide healthful, single-item food selections. As a ratio, RRR is interpreted such that better foods score over 1.0. The potential usefulness of the ratio is illustrated comparing foods within categories(More)
The food safety knowledge and food-handling behaviors of 267 volunteer and staff workers in emergency food relief organizations in western New York State were assessed before and after food safety training. Training was voluntary and emphasized basic food safety and prevention of foodborne illness. Results from the pre-test showed major gaps in the(More)
The age of female puberty appears to have decreased in the United States and western countries as child health and nutrition have improved and obesity has become more prevalent. Also, environmental contaminants, particularly endocrine disruptors, may also play a role in lowering the age of puberty. Puberty at an early age increases the risk of stress, poor(More)
Dieting expectancies are cognitive variables pertaining to anticipated outcomes individuals expect to obtain from dieting to lose weight. This investigation examined the factor structure of dieting expectancies in an adolescent population, age 10-18, and tested the ability of factors to distinguish among types of dieter, diet pill user, and vomiter groups.(More)
Based on the particular problems which appear in psychosomatic patients the aim of the psychotherapeutic treatment of these patients is described. By inpatient group psychotherapy, a personality development is started that subsequently has to be continued in the real life situation of the patients. It is demonstrated which difficulties are brought about by(More)