Eileen Jia-Hui Sim

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BACKGROUND AIMS Human mesenchymal stromal cells or marrow stromal cells (MSCs) are of great interest for bone healing due to their multi-potency and trophic effects. However, traditional MSC expansion methods using 2-dimensional monolayer (MNL) flasks or cell stacks are limited by labor-intensive handling, lack of scalability, the need for enzymatic cell(More)
BACKGROUND Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are of great interest in bone regenerative medicine due to their osteogenic potential and trophic effects. However, challenges to large-scale production of MSCs can hinder the translation of MSC therapies. 3D Microcarrier (MC)-based MSC culture presents a scalable and cost-effective alternative to conventional(More)
Large numbers of human mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) used for a variety of applications in tissue engineering and cell therapy can be generated by scalable expansion in a bioreactor using microcarriers (MCs) systems. However, the enzymatic digestion process needed to detach cells from the growth surface can affect cell viability and potentially the(More)
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