Eileen B. Perez

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A study was undertaken at the main PROFAMILIA clinic in Bogota, Colombia to compare the effectiveness of nurses and physicians in the delivery of family planning services. Contraceptive method continuation was the major outcome variable in this analysis. Clients were randomly assigned to physicians or nurses on their first visit and for the duration of(More)
The design of today's electronic systems involves the use of a growing number of complex CAD tools. Invoking and controlling these tools, independently or as part of a captured, multi-operation flow, remains an error-prone and largely unsolved problem. This problem is the focus of the Design Methodology Management Technical Subcommittee (DMMTSC) of the CAD(More)
The AIDS pandemic had a significant impact in Puerto Rico, especially among the heterosexual populations, in particular women. Women are one of the fastest growing risk groups with HIV/AIDS in the USA and constitute about half of the AIDS cases in the world. During the past 10 years Puerto Rico has ranked among the top 5 jurisdictions in the United States(More)
Recent changes in legislation for persons with disabilities have led to an increased focus on Central Auditory Processing problems. Test scores from the Clinical Evaluation of Language Functioning-Revised (CELF-R), Test of Nonverbal Intelligence (TONI), and the Slosson Intelligence Test (SIT) obtained from folders of 40 clients referred for auditory(More)
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