Eileen A Adamson

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The localization and synthesis of alphafoetoprotein (AFP) during mouse embryogenesis were studied by immunoperoxidase and by immunoprecipitation after radioactive labelling, using an antiserum prepared against AFP. AFP is first detectable in embryos on the 7th day of gestation (7th day embryos). In 7th and 8th day embryos AFP is confined to visceral(More)
Although vinculin (-/-) mouse embryo fibroblasts assemble focal adhesions (FAs), they spread more slowly, less extensively, and close a wound more rapidly than vinculin (+/+) cells. To investigate the structure and dynamics of FAs in these cells, we used real-time interference reflection microscopy (IRM) thus avoiding the need to express exogenous(More)
The assembly of focal adhesions was investigated in F9 embryonal carcinoma cells in which the expression of vinculin was eliminated by a targeted disruption of the vinculin gene. Vinculin-deficient F9 cells were capable of adhering to fibronectin-coated surfaces, though they displayed a reduced spreading compared to the parental cells. Transmission electron(More)
The expression of several apoptosis-regulating genes was evaluated in 9 human breast cancer cell lines, 2 immortalized human mammary epithelial lines, 1 normal breast tissue biopsy, and 3 primary breast tumors, using a multiple antigen detection (MAD) immunoblotting method. The anti-apoptotic proteins Bcl-2, Bcl-XL, Mcl-1, and BAG-1 were present at(More)
brother and parents were evaluated. The nNO levels were normal in both parents. By contrast, in the 7-year-old child the mean nNO level was 41 ppb at the first assessment, and it was confirmed as low (30 ppb) after 90 days, when he was in a stable healthy period. The PCD diagnosis in case 2 was also confirmed by nasal brushing, but in this case the imaging(More)
A longitudinal survey of child health in Juba was done to secure data on which preventive schemes could be based. 223 pregnant women were identified in a systematic search of a district. 5 infants were stillborn and 10 were born prematurely. The mothers of 5 of the 10 premature infants had had acute malaria at or immediately preceding delivery. 2 of these(More)
A prospective survey of child health in Juba has been continued till the infants were 12 months old. They were visited monthly or more often if unwell. During the second 6 months of life 6 died; these deaths added to the 9 which occurred in the first 6 months produced an infant mortality rate of 11.8%. Diarrhoea was the whole or a partial cause of 11 of the(More)
A prospective study of child health has been continued until the children were 36 months old. The mortality rate in the second year was 8.1%. The most common cause of death was chronic undernutrition. The 79 children suffered seventy-six episodes of faltering weight gain; 47 lost 0.5 kg, and most did not reach their former weight for 5 months. Marasmus(More)
PURPOSE Adaptive radiotherapy requires a knowledge of the changing local tumor oxygen concentrations for times on the order of the treatment time, a time scale far shorter than cell death and proliferation. This knowledge will be needed to guide hypofractionated radiotherapy. METHODS A diffuse optical probe system was developed to spatially average over(More)