Eiko Bleicher

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With 6-man Chess essentially solved, the available 6-man Endgame Tables (EGTs) have been scanned for zugzwang positions where, unusually, having the move is a disadvantage. Review statistics together with some highlights and positions are provided here: the complete information is available on the ICGA website. An outcome of the review is the observation(More)
This note describes a possible solution to some endgames in chess with many pieces, when a complete retrograde database construction will fail because of the size of the problem and the time needed to build it up. The note shows how human knowledge, position-specific limitations and existing databases can be combined to prove a position to be won, drawn or(More)
This is a report on the data-mining of two chess databases, the objective being to compare their sub-7-man content with perfect play as documented in Nalimov endgame tables. Van der Heijden’s ENDGAME STUDY DATABASE IV is a definitive collection of 76,132 studies in which White should have an essentially unique route to the stipulated goal. Chessbase’s BIG(More)
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