Eikichi Tsushima

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KCNQ1 encodes the α subunit of the voltage-gated channel that mediates the cardiac slow delayed rectifier K(+) current (IKs). Here, we report a KCNQ1 allele encoding an A590T mutation [KCNQ1(A590T)] found in a 39-year-old female with a mild QT prolongation. A590 is located in the C-terminal α helical region of KCNQ1 that mediates subunit tetramerization,(More)
A mutation of KCNQ1 gene encoding the alpha subunit of the channel mediating the slow delayed rectifier K(+) current in cardiomyocytes may cause severe arrhythmic disorders. We identified KCNQ1(Y461X), a novel mutant gene encoding KCNQ1 subunit whose C-terminal domain is truncated at tyrosine 461 from a man with a mild QT interval prolongation. We made(More)
The cerebellar cortex, the brain region responsible for motor coordination and learning expresses a high density of B-type γ-aminobutyric acid receptor (GABAbR). Previous in vitro and in situ studies indicated that cerebellar GABAbR may mediate multiple forms of inhibitory and excitatory modulation of cerebellar circuits. Nevertheless, the in vivo influence(More)
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