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Experimental approaches to color pattern formation of lepidopteran insects have been made exclusively by analyzing pattern alterations in adult wings induced by operations. We microcauterized the presumptive black region of the dorsal forewing of the butterfly Pieris rapae and analyzed not only the resultant color pattern in the adult wing but also the cell(More)
It has been shown that microcautery on the prospective apical black region of the early pupal forewing of a butterfly, Pieris rapae, causes alteration of the scale color on the adult wing and a delay in histogenesis of the pupal wing. From these results, it has been assumed that the developmental delay of scale cells in the pupal wing alters their(More)
We developed RDF-based databases of the phenotypes and animal strains produced in Japan and a portal site termed as " J-Phenome ". By the application of common schema, these databases can be retrieved by the same SPARQL query across graphs. In the operation of these databases, RDF represented multiple advantages such as improvement of comprehensive search,(More)
" Bio-resources " , commonly used biological materials for experimental studies such as mouse strains, cell lines and microbe culture collections are crucial fundamentals to provide reproducibility and reliability of data in life science. To provide advanced infrastructure of life science, wider-dissemination, quality control and standardization of(More)
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