Eiki Kazama

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Hydraulic and pneumatic actuators are used as actuators of robots. They have large capabilities of instantaneous output, but with problems of increase in size and mass, and difficulty for precise control. In contrast, electromagnetic motors have better controllability, lower cost, and smaller size. However, in order to actuate robots, they are usually used(More)
Musculoskeletal structures in many animals are flexible, which are very important to achieve dynamic locomotion such as running and jumping. For this reason, in recent research of robotics, elastic element is introduced in robot structure in order to improve dynamic performance of robots. In this paper, we propose a robot leg composed of parallel linkage(More)
Quadruped animals realize dynamic motions such as fast running and high and long jumping with the utilization of the flexibility of their bodies. It is known that the motions of their front and rear legs couple with the flexion and extension of their spine when running or jumping. In recent years, quadruped robots inspired by cats and cheetahs have been(More)
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