Eike Meinrad Winkler

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The relationship between paternal somatic morphology and number and sex of the offspring was investigated with 114 !Kung San males from Namibia. Significant correlations were observed between measures of facial and distal robustness and the total number of sons and daughters as well as for the sex ratio of children and the ratio of living to dead children.(More)
The study examines the impact of body build on differential fertility patterns in 93 !Kung San and 85 Kavango females from northern Namibia. In both groups shorter females had more offspring, but also more dead offspring, than taller females. The interaction between body weight and fertility was different in both groups and may be due to different nursing(More)
The interaction between nutritional status, estimated by using Body mass index, and fertility outcome was tested in two female samples from Northern Namibia. It turned out, that !Kung San undernourished females had significantly more total and surviving offspring than well-nourished and overweight females of these population. In contrast within the Kavango(More)
We investigated differential sex-biased parental investment in relation to social status in 59 Kavango males from Rundu, the administrative and commercial center of the Kavango district in northern Namibia, and in 78 Kavango males from the rural areas around Rundu. Twenty-three body dimensions were used as indicators for the probands' social rank in the(More)
The relation between hair growth and levels of sex hormones in serum and saliva was investigated in 256 !Kung San and Kavango men (ages 18 to 39 years) from Namibia/Southern Africa. Serum concentrations of total testosterone (Tser), 5 alpha-dihydrotestosterone (DHT), and estradiol (E2) as well as the level of bioavailable non-SHBG-bound testosterone in the(More)
We describe a procedure for enzymatic assay of citrate in human serum. The citrate is degraded to acetate and oxaloacetate with citrate oxaloacetate-lyase (pro-3S-CH2-COO- yields acetate) (EC Some oxaloacetate loses CO2 to form pyruvate. Addition of malate and lactate dehydrogenases (EC and permits determination of the(More)
Correlations between sex hormone levels and body dimensions--so far investigated only in Caucasian populations--were analysed using data from 114 !Kung San hunter-gatherers and 137 urban and rural Kavango men from Namibia. The androgens testosterone (Tser) and 5 alpha-dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the serum and free testosterone in the saliva (Tsal) as well(More)