Eike Bjoern Schweissguth

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For companies in the automation industry, the development of real-time Ethernet to connect devices is of high economic interest to replace conventional fieldbus systems. Therefore, many approaches for adapting Ethernet to real-time requirements come from industrial applications. This is a challenging task as the original Ethernet standard IEEE 802.3 was not(More)
In Industrial Ethernet environments, usually only small amounts of data are transmitted. These transmissions must be deterministic to meet hard real-time requirements. But prospectively, also the deterministic transmission of high amounts of data and data streams is required. In this paper, a system based on the modified Peer-to-Peer network Kad called(More)
In the field of automation, reliability is a key aspect to enable resilient systems. Especially, in areas with extreme conditions a reliable monitoring is necessary such as factory, volcano, or laboratory monitoring. These are environments where devices could be stressed uncommonly high and thus more devices could fail in a shorter time period in the worst(More)
Software-defined networking (SDN) is a principle for the flexible configuration of networks, which recently has aroused an increasing interest of researchers and companies. Today, the operation and configuration of networks as well as their adaptation to changing requirements represent a major challenge if legacy network management protocols are used due to(More)
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