Eijirou Yamada

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An intact ciliary epithelial bilayer has been isolated from the rabbit eye by perfusion, microsurgical dissection, and recovery techniques. Vital subcellular organelles and intercellular junctions of this epithelial bilayer preparation are very well preserved. The total electrical resistance of the epithelial bilayer is 350 ohms, and the transepithelial(More)
  • E Yamada
  • 1988
Ciliary processes, mainly iridial processes, of the adult rabbit eye were examined by electron microscopy. Intraepithelial nerve fibers were recognized in the ciliary epithelium. These were single, naked unmyelinated nerve fibers found between pigmented epitheliocytes but not between non-pigmented epitheliocytes. They displayed a beaded structure and(More)
This study examined the localization of Na/K-ATPase in a specially isolated ciliary epithelial bilayer of the rabbit. This bilayer, harvested by a technique developed in this laboratory, consisted of pigmented epithelial (PE) and non-pigmented epithelial (NPE) cells free of stroma and with a well preserved ultrastructural morphology. Immunocytochemical(More)
To create a model by noninvasive means for the study of Wallerian and transneuronal degeneration of the central nervous system, we devised a two-step argon laser photocoagulation (ALP) procedure with which we could selectively injure the optic nerve in rats. Changes in the optic nerve distal to the site of injury were studied histologically to evaluate this(More)