Eiji Sugisaki

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Cholinergic inputs from the medial septum are projected to pyramidal neurons in the hippocampal CA1 region and release acetylcholine (ACh) from their terminals. The cholinergic inputs are considered to be integrated with sensory inputs and to play a crucial role in learning and memory. Meanwhile, it has been reported that the relative timing between pre-(More)
In-between creation in traditional cel animation based on the hand-drawn key-frames is a fundamental element for the actual production and plays a symbolic role in an artistic interpretation of the scene. To create impressive in-betweens, however, animators are required to be skilled for hair animation creation. In the traditional cel animation, hair(More)
Processes such as modeling, rendering and simulating hair are essential for creating virtual humans in various CG applications. CG hair motion simulations are commonly constructed using a physics-based model and have been extensively researched. While physics-based approaches have achieved effective and sophisticated hair motion, data-driven approaches for(More)