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A stable cell clone, J12#26, which continuously secretes large amounts of the envelope (E) antigen of Japanese encephalitis (JE) virus (J. Virol. 77 (2003) 8745) was adapted to serum-free medium. The(More)
Cycloheximide (CYH) resistance in Candida maltosa is dependent on the induction of a ribosomal protein, Q-type L41, the 56th residue of which is glutamine, not proline as in ordinary P-type L41. We(More)
We directly measured that anisotropic dopant diffusion into the shallow trench isolation (STI) sink was the predominant factor to cause dependence of the threshold voltage (V<inf>th</inf>) on the(More)
We previously found by using yeast, Candida maltosa, that cycloheximide (CYH) sensitivity of ribosomes is dependent on the 56th amino acid residues of a ribosomal protein, L413 (proline in sensitive(More)