Eiji Mimura

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This paper discusses the potential of DEA (data envelopment analysis) for performance evaluation on energy consumption. The purpose is to develop evaluation methodology for finding features of energy provision and consumption from observed data. While there are four evaluation measures (economy, environment, comfort, and risk) in general, this paper focuses(More)
To analyze the causal relationship between comfort environment vote and thermal sensation votes (of face, chest, hands, buttocks, and soles of the foot), this paper presents how three methods work in experimentation: multiple regression analysis, conjoint analysis and structural equation modeling (SEM). The samples for the experimentation consisted of 1,584(More)
In order to clarify the suitability of sensory nerve action potential(SNAP) in the evaluation of diabetic polyneuropathy, we studied measurements of SNAPs in the median, ulnar and sural nerves. Subjects were 253 patients with non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus; 167 men and 86 women, aged 58.2 +/- 12.8(mean +/- SD) years old. Their diabetic history was(More)
Prevalence of median to ulnar anastomosis in the forearm(Martin-Gruber anastomosis; MGA) to the first dorsal interosseous(FDI), abductor digiti quinti (ADQ) and adductor pollicis(AP) was investigated. Subjects contained 106 patients with normal nerve conduction or patients with various neuropathies. Recording electrodes were placed on the motor point of(More)
In motor nerve conduction studies compound muscle action potentials (CMAPs) appear later than sensory nerve action potentials (SNAPs). This time lag originates from the conduction delay at the distal motor axon, neuromuscular transmission time and muscle action potential induction time. To investigate the latency difference between CMAPs and SNAPs we(More)
Ulnar nerve can be stretched with the elbow flexed position. To avoid elbow flexed position in patients with ulnar neuropathy at the elbow we used an athletic elbow supporter. We herein demonstrate a 31-year-old man with right ulnar neuropathy at the elbow whose neuropathy was resolved by using this supporter only at night. He had complained of weakness and(More)
Median nerve conduction studies were performed by conventional and lumbrical/interossei recording methods. The former is composed of recordings of compound muscle action potential from abductor pollicis brevis (APB) and sensory nerve action potential from second digit (D) after wrist stimulation. In the latter the recording electrode was placed lateral to(More)