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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Although many studies have described clinical examination measures for the diagnosis of lumbar spinal instability, few of them have investigated the sensitivity and specificity of the measures that were used. The authors devised a passive lumbar extension (PLE) test for assessing lumbar spinal instability. The purpose of this study(More)
The purpose of the present study was to clarify changes in the psychological state of mothers of patients with idiopathic scoliosis, and to clarify relationships between the psychological states of the mothers and patients. The Maudsley personality inventory (MPI) was administered to 30 patients with idiopathic scoliosis who underwent surgery and their(More)
STUDY DESIGN A case of primary Ewing sarcoma of the lumbar spine is presented. OBJECTIVE To present and review a rare case of primary Ewing sarcoma of the lumbar spine that required differentiation from spinal infection. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Primary Ewing sarcoma originating from the spinal column is very rare. Because Ewing sarcoma is one of the(More)
The internal fixing materials made from shape-memory alloys (SMAs) have recently been reported for long bone fracture. We present a new internal fixation technique using a cylindrical SMAs implant in a rat femoral fracture healing. The implant was designed in a shape to circumferentially fix the fractured bone using resilient SMA claws. To evaluate the(More)
BACKGROUND X-ray images of lumbar degenerative diseases often show not only claw osteophytes, but also pairs of osteophytes that form in a direction away from the adjacent disc. We have investigated the direction of the formation of anterior lumbar vertebral osteophytes across the lumbar vertebrae using a sufficient number of lumbar radiographs, because(More)
Most of the traffic accidents have been caused by driver's inattention. Therefore, driver monitoring is one of the most important challenges in order to prevent traffic accidents. Some studies for evaluating mental workload during driving have been reported; however driver's mental state should be estimated quantitatively for the future. This paper proposes(More)
We devised a new leg reposition test, to assess gait and balance in patients with spinal diseases. This study included 344 patients who were scheduled to undergo spine surgery; 14 (4.1%) patients showed positive results. These 14 patients had worse gait status than leg reposition test-negative patients both preoperatively and postoperatively. The leg(More)
STUDY DESIGN A retrospective study. OBJECTIVE To examine the frequency and current status of the incidence of deaths by suicide of patients with spinal diseases during hospitalization. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA It was reported that most cases of deaths by suicide during hospitalization were patients admitted to the psychiatric ward. There were no(More)
INTRODUCTION Intraosseous lipoma is a benign bone tumor, and the tumor occurs more frequently in the lower extremities. We present a very rare case of intraosseous lipoma occurring in the lumbar vertebral arch and spinous process. CASE PRESENTATION A 54-year-old Japanese man presented with a three-month history of lumbar pain. Magnetic resonance imaging(More)