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—Recently, companies often carry out questionnaire(s) and develop marketing strategies. There are usually two types of forms for the answer of a questionnaire. One is the form to select prepared answers and the other is free text form. The true message might be in the text form rather than the numerical part, then the analysis of free text form is needed.(More)
—Recently, the sites in internet on which users can write private ideas and opinions are increasing. In addition, the number of people who want to know other's opinions about the interested products is also increasing. However, it is very difficult for people to read whole reviews on internet. This study tries to develop a new review analysis system which(More)
—Many companies carry out questionnaires. These questionnaires often have questions which need respondents to answer by free description. It is, however, inefficient for an analyzer to read whole data for getting outlines or classifying them. The authors have proposed the HK Graph (Hierarchical Keyword Graph) which is a support tool for text mining. HK(More)
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