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BACKGROUND Imaging of thrombus formation in vivo has been limited by the inability to directly visualize and measure thrombi in large blood vessels in real time. Near-infrared light, with its superior tissue penetration and reduced scatter, could potentially solve this problem. METHODS AND RESULTS Platelets were labeled with the near-infrared fluorophore(More)
As emerging technologies are being developed, ubiquitous computing environments will be established in the near future. Research on user service provisions over ubiquitous computing environments has been started. The implementation method of an actual service, based on our proposed service-provision framework, is described in this demonstration and we will(More)
This paper describes a high speed string correction method using a hierarchical file. After reviewing a string correction method based on the Levenshtein distance, a hierarchical file construction method is introduced. A multistage string correction method using this file is proposed. The lower bound of computational complexity is estimated, and it is shown(More)
A method for stabilizing iterative image reconstruction techniques has been developed for improving the image quality of position emission tomography. A damping matrix is introduced, which suppresses noisy correction on a pixel-by-pixel basis, depending on the statistical precision of the iterative correction. The precision is evaluated by comparing a(More)