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The Temperament and Character Inventory was translated into Japanese, and, to confirm the psychometric properties of the inventory, three samples were recruited from a nonpatient population. In nonpatient population A (N = 555), the full version (240 items) of the inventory with dichotomous measuring, along with the General Health Questionnaire and the(More)
The Temperament and Character Inventory measures four dimensions of temperament and three of character. The 125-item short version and the Self-rating Depression Scale were administered to 306 Japanese students. Their scores on the latter were significantly highly correlated with the scores on both temperament and character scales, positively correlated(More)
We retrospectively investigated the ability of adalimumab (ADA) to reduce disease activity, improve physical function, and retard the progression of structural damage in 167 patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Clinical and functional outcomes were compared between patients with or without prior biologic treatment and those with or without concomitant(More)
This paper describes a high speed string correction method using a hierarchical file. After reviewing a string correction method based on the Levenshtein distance, a hierarchical file construction method is introduced. A multistage string correction method using this file is proposed. The lower bound of computational complexity is estimated, and it is shown(More)
A method for stabilizing iterative image reconstruction techniques has been developed for improving the image quality of position emission tomography. A damping matrix is introduced, which suppresses noisy correction on a pixel-by-pixel basis, depending on the statistical precision of the iterative correction. The precision is evaluated by comparing a(More)