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A control strategy is proposed for designing a steering control for automotive vehicles to protect the vehicle from spin and to realize the improved cornering performance. The vehicle unstabilization is shown to be caused by a saddle-node bifurcation which depends heavily on a rear tire side force saturation. Based on this observation, the saturation(More)
It is important to estimate friction force characteristics between tire and road in order to improve the control performance of a vehicle in critical motions. In this paper, an estimation method which estimates parameters concerned with friction force margin is proposed by applying the on-line least squares method to wheel rotational velocities. The effect(More)
The automotive hydro-pneumatic integrated suspension model is nonlinear with large dimension. As a consequence, the nonlinear H 1 control methodology based on the traditional Hamilton-Jacoby-Isaacs equation is impractical in this application. An alternative so-called Parameterized Linear Matrix Inequality (PLMI) approach is proposed for solving this hard(More)