Eiichi Nakamura

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We performed an in vivo radiographic analysis of tibiofemoral and polyethylene (PE) insert motions during weight-bearing kneeling beyond 120° of flexion in one high-flexion knee arthroplasty design to determine if kinematics changed over time and if axial rotation occur between the PE insert and the tibial baseplate. Twenty knees implanted with a(More)
The efficient treatment of lung diseases requires lung-selective delivery of agents to the lung. However, lung-selective delivery is difficult because the accumulation of micrometer-sized carriers in the lung often induces inflammation and embolization-related toxicity. Here we demonstrate a lung-selective delivery system of small interfering RNA (siRNA) by(More)
The low solubility of fullerenes in aqueous solution limits their applications in biology. By appropriate substitution, the fullerenes can be transformed into stabilized anions that are water soluble and can form large aggregated structures. A laser light scattering study of the association behavior of the potassium salt of pentaphenyl fullerene (Ph5C60K)(More)
Polar liquid crystalline materials can be used in optical and electronic applications, and recent interest has turned to formation strategies that exploit the shape of polar molecules and their interactions to direct molecular alignment. For example, banana-shaped molecules align their molecular bent within smectic layers, whereas conical molecules should(More)
High-resolution transmission electron microscopy revealed nearly atomically precise images of stepping conformational change and translational motion of single hydrocarbon molecules confined in carbon nanotubes. One or two C12 or C22 alkyl chains were tethered to a carborane end group and then embedded in the nanotubes. Images of the hydrocarbon chains(More)
Achieving very deep flexion after total knee arthroplasty is an important goal of most patients in Japan, Asia, and the Middle East because of floor-sitting lifestyles. Numerous knee arthroplasty designs have been introduced to permit high flexion. We performed an in vivo radiographic analysis of tibiofemoral motions during weight-bearing kneeling in one(More)
The idea of " bucky ferrocene " intrigues chemists owing to its aesthetic beauty and to its polarized, extended conjugated system, but the idea has remained hypothetical. The synthesis of close analogs of Fe(C 60 Me 5)Cp and Fe(C 70 Me 3)Cp was achieved in two steps from [60] and [70]fullerenes, relying on an oxidative C–H bond activation starting with an(More)
Selective synthesis of particles of angstrom to nanometer size consisting of one to many metal atoms is instrumental in various applications, but it has been hampered by the tendency of the metal atom to form large clusters. We found, as studied by the state-of-the-art electron microscopic technique, a strategy to produce metal-containing nanoparticles(More)
We prepared self-assembled vesicles comprising layers of fullerene, alkyl chains, triazole, oligo(ethylene oxide) chains, biotin and avidin molecules. High-resolution scanning electron microscopy using a superhydrophilic indium-tin oxide substrate was found to be useful for nanometer-level structural analysis of the vesicles and individual avidin molecules(More)