Eiichi Miyasaka

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Total parenteral nutrition (TPN), a commonly used treatment for patients who cannot receive enteral nutrition, is associated with significant septic complications due in part to a loss of epithelial barrier function (EBF). While the underlying mechanisms of TPN-related epithelial changes are poorly understood, a mouse model of TPN-dependence has helped(More)
Total parenteral nutrition (TPN) results in a number of derangements to the intestinal epithelium, including a loss of epithelial barrier function (EBF). As TPN supplemented with glutamine has been thought to prevent this loss, this article further defined the impact of glutamine on EBF, and investigated potential mechanisms that contributed to the(More)
Microelectrode studies were conducted on the probability of firing of neurons in the superior olivary complex of 11 anesthetized cats. Time-intensity trades were established for dichotic clicks. Inhibition was observed for interaural time differences in the region .05--4 msec. The authors point out that these extremely brief times render explanation(More)
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