Eiichi Miyamoto

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Various portable electronic devices now have wireless interfaces as standard equipment. Such interfaces will be common in ad hoc networks, relaying packets mutually among users' nodes in a network without base stations. However, a fear is emerging of selfish nodes in ad hoc networks. These nodes take advantage of other ones and do not cooperate with others,(More)
This paper describes a new standpoint to further understanding the evolvability of A-life systems, that is, quantification of the dependency of system constituents. If a system exhibits evolutionary activity, new events, including the development or extinction of systems constituents, may emerge one after the other. The occurrence of new events would(More)
As mobile phones have become increasingly advanced in recent years, it became more intense in users’ demand for viewing web sites designed for PC’s on their mobile phones. However, since a standard PC web browser requires exclusive applications, the mobile phone will need the application environment. Furthermore, a certain approach is required since mobile(More)
One of the most important problems of software evolution is to develop a technique of generating new programs with small costs when the specification is changed [4]. Let S be a specification and P a program. Assume that we denote S ` P iff P satisfies S. The problem of software evolution is to find (efficient) P2 such that S2 ` P2 (with small costs) when(More)
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