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The Parham cyclization-intermolecular α-amidoalkylation sequence results in the facile enantioselective synthesis of 12b-substituted isoindoloisoquinolines (ee up to 95%) using BINOL-derived Brønsted acids. α-Amidoalkylation of indole occurs through the formation of a chiral conjugate base/bicyclic quaternary N-acyliminium ion pair.
Enamides with a free NH group have been evaluated as nucleophiles in chiral Brønsted acid-catalyzed enantioselective α-amidoalkylation reactions of bicyclic hydroxylactams for the generation of quaternary stereocenters. A quantitative structure-reactivity relationship (QSRR) method has been developed to find a useful tool to rationalize the(More)
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