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Tongue specimens were collected from 18 healthy adult Egyptian geese (Alopochen aegyptiacus) of both sexes. We measured and analyzed the whole, anterior, middle and posterior length and width of the tongue parts. The dorsal mucosal surface of each tongue was investigated by SEM. The length of whole tongue, widths at anterior and middle ends of its root(More)
UNLABELLED With 14 figures and 3 tables SUMMARY Each adrenal gland consisted of cortex and medulla that developed from different embryological origins and presented different cellular organization. One hundred male or female camel embryos or fetuses with crown vertebral rump lengths (CVRL) that ranged from 0.8 to 117 cm were examined. The adrenal cortex,(More)
Tottering mutant mice carry a mutation in the pore-forming subunit (α1A) of CaV2.1 (P/Q-type) voltage-gated calcium ion (Ca(2+)) channels resulting in reduced neuronal Ca(2+) current density. We assessed male tottering mice for spatial learning using the Morris water maze. Tottering mice performed worse than wild type mice, suggesting abnormal hippocampal(More)
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