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Despite improvement in adjuncts for thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms (TAAA) repairs, many devastating complications remains after the surgery. Our experience with these aneurysms has been reviewed in order to identify those methods at risk of major morbidity, as well as which further improvements required. During last 16 years, 53 consecutive patients were(More)
OBJECTIVE We present the impact of multisegmental aortic clamping under distal aortic perfusion and segmental artery reimplantation on the prevention of postoperative paraplegia during thoracoabdominal aortic graft replacement. PATIENTS During the last 14 years in 47 patients (age range: 22 to 82 years; average: 57,9 +/- 13,2 years; 16 females and 31(More)
Clarification of the origin of the BAU is one of the greatest challenges in particle physics and cosmology. If the BAU is generated before T = O(1) MeV, the light element abundances (D,He,He,Li) can be explained by the standard Big-Bang cosmology. To get the right η (which is called baryogenesis) from an initially baryon symmetric universe, the so-called(More)
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