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Ultrastructural and Histochemical Study on the Paneth Cells in the Rat Ascending Colon
Paneth cells (PCs) contribute to the host defense against indigenous bacteria in the small intestine. We found Paneth cell‐like cells (PLCs) in the rat ascending colon, but the nature of PLCs isExpand
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Immunohistochemical study on the secretory host defense system of bactericidal peptides in rat digestive organs.
To clarify the fundamental regulation mechanism against indigenous bacterial proliferation in the alimentary tract, we immunohistochemically examined the localization of 4 bactericidal peptides (BP)Expand
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Immunohistochemical and histoplanimetrical study on the spatial relationship between the settlement of indigenous bacteria and the secretion of bactericidal peptides in rat alimentary tract.
To clarify the regulatory mechanism by bactericidal peptides secretion, the secretion of bactericidal peptides was immunohistochemically and histoplanimetrically compared with the degree ofExpand
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Ultrastructural Demonstration of the Absorption and Transportation of Minute Chylomicrons by Subepithelial Blood Capillaries in Rat Jejunal Villi
ABSTRACT Chylomicrons from villous columnar epithelial cells are generally known to be transported only by central lymph vessels (CLV), whereas antigenic particulates derived from the intestinalExpand
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Peculiar Composition of Epithelial Cells in Follicle-Associated Intestinal Crypts of Peyer’s Patches in the Rat Small Intestine
ABSTRACT The epithelial cell composition was investigated in the follicle-associated intestinal crypt (FAIC) of rat Peyer’s patches. The epithelium of the FAIC mainly consisted of columnar epithelialExpand
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Immunohistochemical detection of toll-like receptor-2, -4 and -9 in exocrine glands associated with rat alimentary tract.
Localization of Toll-like receptors (TLRs) in the exocrine glands associated with the rat alimentary tract was immunohistochemically studied using anti-TLR antibodies. TLR-2, -4 and -9 were detectedExpand
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Histoplanimetrical study on the relationship between invasion of indigenous bacteria into intestinal crypts and proliferation of epithelial cells in rat ascending colon.
The relationship between the invasion of indigenous bacteria into intestinal crypts and the proliferation of epithelial cells was histoplanimetrically investigated in the rat ascending colon.Expand
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Immunohistochemical and histoplanimetrical study on the endothelial receptor involved in transportation of minute chylomicrons into subepithelial portal blood in intestinal villi of the rat jejunum
A portion of the minute chylomicrons less than 75 nm in diameter are transcytosed from the extravascular tissue into the subepithelial blood capillaries (sBC) in the villous apices of the ratExpand
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