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Masquerade syndromes are classically defined as entities which emulate inflammatory conditions but which are in fact due to a neoplastic process. Careful history and examination in concert with appropriate ancillary investigations and histopathologic evaluation of tissue specimens are required in order to make the correct diagnosis. Many conditions may(More)
A role for NK cells in the regulation of autoimmunity has been demonstrated. Since there is a strong association between Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) and HLA-B27, which is specifically recognized by the NK-inhibitory receptor KIR3DL1, this study evaluated the potential involvement of NK cells in AS. We studied 19 AS patients and 22 healthy volunteer donors(More)
PURPOSE To assess p53 expression and proliferative activity in primary and recurrent pterygia from the same eyes. DESIGN Retrospective comparative human tissue study. PARTICIPANTS Tissue from excised primary pterygia that did not recur (group A, n = 10) was compared with tissue from primary pterygia that recurred (group B, n = 10) and to the recurrent(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW This update aims to summarize the current knowledge on Fuchs' uveitis syndrome and review publications in the last 10 years. Theories on the pathogenesis and etiology of Fuchs' uveitis syndrome are revisited and the management of cataract and glaucoma is updated to reflect recent surgical change. RECENT FINDINGS Retrospective reviews(More)
PURPOSE To devise methods for unequivocal identification of activated retinal microglia in experimental autoimmune uveoretinitis (EAU) and to investigate their role in the development of EAU. METHODS A group of Lewis rats underwent optic nerve axotomy with the application of N-4-(4-didecylaminostyryl)-N methylpyridinium iodide (4Di-10ASP) at the axotomy(More)
PURPOSE To describe the ocular presentation of disseminated mycobacterial disease occurring during immune-recovery in a patient with acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). STUDY DESIGN Case report and literature review. PARTICIPANTS A 41-year-old AIDS patient with a prior diagnosis of cytomegalovirus retinitis. METHODS The patient developed(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Parenchymal central nervous system microglia are repopulated by bone marrow derived monocytes more slowly than any other reticuloendothelial cells. The contribution of bone marrow derived monocytes to the uninflammed retina has not been studied. The present study sought to determine repopulation of retinal microglia in uniflammed retina by(More)
PURPOSE To study both systemic and ocular nerve growth factor (NGF) in inflamed juvenile conjunctival nevus (IJCN), a benign, inflammatory juxtalimbal lesion characterized by many intralesional eosinophils, and to investigate the behavior of eosinophils cocultured on lesional and extralesional fibroblasts obtained from IJCN biopsies, in relation to NGF. (More)
PURPOSE We sought to characterize the long-term outcomes and complications of subconjunctival triamcinolone acetonide injection (STI) for non-necrotizing, noninfectious anterior scleritis. DESIGN Retrospective, interventional, noncomparative, multicenter study. PARTICIPANTS Sixty-eight eyes of 53 patients from 9 participating hospitals in the United(More)