Ehud M. Gelb

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Attempts to understand and improve the effectiveness of ICT Adoption for Agriculture have been at the forefront of national and regional policies ever since computers became available for agricultural management and production. EFITA* has been sharing these efforts via it’s conferences and the collection of data sets to identify ICT Adoption constraints and(More)
Understanding and alleviating the constraints to ICT adoption are currently at the forefront of ICT for agricultural production and rural development. EFITA is conducting since 1999 a survey to gain such understanding. The 2004 symposium of the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS) offered a unique opportunity to compare the EFITA survey(More)
Effects of a number of information technology applications were quantified empirically which were implemented on Dutch and Israeli dairy farms. Data comprised annual farm performances from 1987 to 1996, and included both adopters and nonadopters as well as farm results before and after adoption. Significant effects were estimated, making a differentiation(More)
Initial convention assumed Distance Learning (DL) to be an Information and Knowledge transfer solve‐all. Regardless the details of difficulties and are becoming manifestly dominant. They include a lack of essential learner skills, inadequate DL responsive human interactions, insufficient subject matter feedback into the system's knowledge content, selective(More)
Since 1970 rural IT companies pioneered Information and Communication Technology (ICT) adoption in Israeli rural areas. Company records and performance provide a unique information set enabling evaluation of technological innovation and ICT adoption. Adoption in turn facilitated spillovers with derived benefits credited to the adoption process. This process(More)
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