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This article focuses on a specific aspect of consultation in contemporary family therapy, namely, problems that arise in the context of a consultation that simultaneously serves as a demonstration of a particular model of therapy. The demonstration-consultation interview is used widely in family therapy, but has received little attention in the literature.(More)
Migration scholars have frequently emphasized the tremendous increase in international migration in recent years. But several advanced industrial countries (Japan in particular) have relatively small numbers of foreign workers. Most of the literature on labor migration relates only to "positive" cases, i.e., countries that have actually experienced(More)
In this paper, we have examined that ethical aspect of working with families which stresses the relevance of values. Given that values are at the heart of both the family's and the therapists's view of the world, we see it as crucial for them to be addressed in the course of assessment and treatment. A variety of approaches have been adopted by clinicians(More)
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