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OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to test whether elderly individuals underestimate the time that it will take them to cross a street by comparing estimated with actual road-crossing time. BACKGROUND In many developed countries, elderly people are overrepresented among pedestrian fatalities from motor vehicle accidents. There is surely more than one(More)
Children's actual performance of visual timing task is possibly deficient, and road-crossing training programs focusing on visual timing elements result in questionable improvement in performance. The present study focused on conceptual, rather than perceptual, examination of the visual timing elements of distance and speed, as integrated into appraisals of(More)
The purpose of the study was to compare the reported approaches of truck drivers to those of non-truck drivers toward reckless on-road behaviors. One hundred and sixty-seven adult males, including 70 non-truck drivers, completed the questionnaires voluntarily. The truck drivers were employees of a concrete manufacturing company working at various company(More)
The current study set to examine the effects of simulator use in driving instruction on newly licensed drivers, comparing the road safety knowledge and reported intended behavior, as well as the actual driving performance of new drivers. Participants consisted of 280 newly licensed driver, of which 140 whose drivers license training included additional(More)
The current study set to examine whether there are inter-generational and gender-based differences between family members self-assessing their ability to drive under normal conditions and while under the influence of either alcohol or drugs. Participants were 135 young-adults and both their parents, consisting 45 family triads, who received self-assessment(More)
The vehicle impoundment sanction in Israel is applicable to several violations, and authorizes police officers to impound a vehicle for period of 30 days, in addition to license suspension. This study examined the effects of vehicle impoundment on traffic-violations and road accidents in Israel, using both subjective and objective measures. A telephone(More)
RESEARCH GOAL This research was aimed to construct and develop a unique system for training of pedestrians - children, adults and older persons - to cross streets safely and especially to detect successfully on-road hazards as pedestrians. For this purpose, an interactive computerized program has been inspired by the format of the popular HPT (hazard(More)
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