Ehtesham Haque

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Subspace clustering is an extension of traditional clustering that seeks to find clusters in different subspaces within a dataset. Often in high dimensional data, many dimensions are irrelevant and can mask existing clusters in noisy data. Feature selection removes irrelevant and redundant dimensions by analyzing the entire dataset. Subspace clustering(More)
Researchers from the same lab often spend a considerable amount of time searching for published articles relevant to their current project. Despite having similar interests, they conduct independent, time consuming searches. While they may share the results afterwards, they are unable to leverage previous search results during the search process. We propose(More)
Researchers spend considerable time searching for relevant papers on the topic in which they are currently interested. Often, despite having similar interests, researchers in the same lab do not find it convenient to share results of bibliographic searches and thus conduct independent time-consuming searches. Research paper recommender systems can help the(More)
The popularity of social media applications has changed the way of communication for the past few years. The transfer of information from one individual to another had grown beyond the basic act of texting and evolved to enable the transfer of other media such as image, audio, video. An example of such an application is WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a popular(More)
Recommender systems assist the consumers of service oriented environment to find out and select the most suitable services from a large number of available ones. Proposed paper is based on Personalized Recommendation System for medical assistance using keyword extraction. User can search doctor’s profiles or hospital names according to doctor and hospital(More)
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