Ehsan Ullah Warriach

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Domotics, concerned with the realization of intelligent home environments, is a novel field which can highly benefit from solutions inspired by service-oriented principles to enhance the convenience and security of modern home residents. In this work, we present an architecture for a smart home, starting from the lower device interconnectivity level up to(More)
Pervasive computing environments such as our future homes are the prototypical example of a dynamic, complex system where Service-Oriented Computing techniques will play an important role. A home equipped with heterogeneous devices, whose services and location constantly change, needs to behave as a coherent system supporting its inhabitants. In this paper,(More)
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) deployment experiences show that data collected is prone to be imprecise and faulty due to internal and external influences, such as battery drain, environmental interference, sensor aging. An early detection of such faults is necessary for the effective operation of the sensor network. In this preliminary work, we propose a(More)
The future home will be pervaded by mobile and stationary devices which need to dynamically connect and coordinate in order to seamlessly help people in accomplishing their tasks. However, for this vision to become a reality , it is important for researcher and developer to build applications that constantly adapt and integrate heterogeneous devices(More)
—Smart environment applications demand novel solutions for managing quality of services, especially availability and reliability at run-time. The underlying systems are changing dynamically due to addition and removal of system components, changing execution environments, and resources depletion. Therefore, in such dynamic systems, the functionality and the(More)