Ehsan Sobhani Tehrani

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This paper describes a novel model structure and identification method for the time-varying, intrinsic stiffness of human ankle joint during imposed walking (IW) movements. The model structure is based on the superposition of a large signal, linear, time-invariant (LTI) model and a small signal linear-parameter varying (LPV) model. The methodology is based(More)
This paper describes a novel method for the identification of Hammerstein systems with time-varying (TV) static nonlinearities and time invariant (TI) linear elements. This paper develops a linear parameter varying (LPV) state-space representation for such systems and presents a subspace identification technique that gives individual estimates of the(More)
This paper describes a new small signal parametric model of ankle joint intrinsic mechanics in normal subjects. We found that intrinsic ankle mechanics is a third-order system and the second-order mass-spring-damper model, referred to as IBK, used by many researchers in the literature cannot adequately represent ankle dynamics at all frequencies in a number(More)
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