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One of the goals of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to reach more than 80% of eligible women in mammography screening by the year 2000 yet remains as a challenge. In fact, a recent medical report reveals that while other types of cancer are experiencing negative growth, breast cancer has been the only one with a positive growth rate over the last few(More)
In computational analysis in scientific domains, images are often compared based on their features, e.g., size, depth and other domain-specific aspects. Certain features may be more significant than others while comparing the images and drawing corresponding inferences for specific applications. Though domain experts may have subjective notions of(More)
— This paper presents a successful lab simulation experience to teach signal modulation and demodulation concepts in communication and computer networks to computer science and computer engineering students. Two sections of the same college course with a total of 80 subjects participated in this study. After receiving the same lecture at the same time, the(More)
This research aims at describing a method to subjectively measure specific parameters in a wired or wireless network environment using the Simple Network Management Protocols for the purpose of improving Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability of the network devices. This is of importance in cases where the network is in remote or hard to access(More)
Article Info ABSTRACT Article history: This research aims at providing means to image comparison from different image processing algorithms for performance assessment purposes. Reconstruction of images corrupted by blur and noise requires specialized filtering techniques. Due to the immense effect of these corruptive parameters, it is often impossible to(More)
Many wireless sensor network datasets suffer from the effects of acquisition noise, channel noise, fading, and fusion of different nodes with huge amounts of data. At the fusion center, where decisions relevant to these data are taken, any deviation from real values could affect the decisions made. We have developed computationally low power, low bandwidth,(More)
Data mining, the discovery of knowledge from data, bridges several disciplines such as database management, artificial intelligence, statistics, visualization and the domain of the data, e.g., biology or engineering. Knowledge discovered by mining the data can be used for various purposes such as developing decision support systems and intelligent tutors.(More)
SAR finds applications in many of NASA's earth science fields such as deformation, ecosystem structure, and dynamics of ice, snow and cold land processes, and surface water and ocean topography. Traditionally, standard methods such as Fast-Fourier Transform (FFT) and Inverse Fast-Fourier Transform (IFFT) have been used to extract images from SAR radar data.(More)