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The present study using a quartile distribution of myocardial infarction patients demonstrated that the first-degree relatives of the myocardial infarction patients with the lowest HDL cholesterol have similarly the lowest HDL cholesterol. Low HDL cholesterol among these relatives was not secondary to increased VLDL triglycerides, as it persisted when(More)
One of the goals of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to reach more than 80% of eligible women in mammography screening by the year 2000 yet remains as a challenge. In fact, a recent medical report reveals that while other types of cancer are experiencing negative growth, breast cancer has been the only one with a positive growth rate over the last few(More)
Data mining, the discovery of knowledge from data, bridges several disciplines such as database management, artificial intelligence, statistics, visualization and the domain of the data, e.g., biology or engineering. Knowledge discovered by mining the data can be used for various purposes such as developing decision support systems and intelligent tutors.(More)
In computational analysis in scientific domains, images are often compared based on their features, e.g., size, depth and other domain-specific aspects. Certain features may be more significant than others while comparing the images and drawing corresponding inferences for specific applications. Though domain experts may have subjective notions of(More)
This research aims at describing a method to subjectively measure specific parameters in a wired or wireless network environment using the Simple Network Management Protocols for the purpose of improving Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability of the network devices. This is of importance in cases where the network is in remote or hard to access(More)
The key steps in the development of a malaria vaccine through gene cloning are the identification of the proteins involved in host protective immunity and the cloning, identification, and expression of the genes coding for these proteins. Recent data have indicated that certain proteins synthesized at the late schizont-merozoite stage of Plasmodium(More)
Received Oct 21, 2011 Revised Nov 29, 2011 Accepted Dec 6, 2011 This research aims at providing means to image comparison from different image processing algorithms for performance assessment purposes. Reconstruction of images corrupted by blur and noise requires specialized filtering techniques. Due to the immense effect of these corruptive parameters, it(More)
1 University of Southern Mississippi, Box 5137, Hattiesburg, MS, 39406 2 University of Southern Mississippi, Box 5137, Hattiesburg, MS, 39406 Abstract The advancement in technology is shaping every aspect of our life, including education. One decade ago, the Internet was not critical to education. However, now, it(More)