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As the size and number of online social networks are increasing day by day, social network analysis has become a popular issue in many branches of science. The link prediction is one of the key rolling issues in the analysis of social network’s evolution. As the size of social networks is increasing, the necessity for scalable link prediction algorithms is(More)
Question classification plays a major role in automatic question answering systems. The performance of a question answering system depends directly to the performance of its question classification section. A question classifier associates a label or category to each question which represents semantic class of its answer. There exist different approaches(More)
Radiology reports are one of the most important medical documents that a diagnostician looks into, especially in the emergency context. They provide the emergency physicians with critical information regarding the condition of the patient and help the physicians take immediate action on urgent conditions. However, the reports are in the form of unstructured(More)
Members of knowledge-intensive organizations (e.g. universities) is publishing considerable amounts of unstructured and semi-structured textual data such as research papers, tutorials, technical reviews. This data is a comprehensive description of both the members’ expertise and the organization’s goals. Exploring this document collection helps the(More)
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