Ehsan S. Tabari

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In eukaryotes, transcriptional regulation is usually mediated by interactions of multiple transcription factors (TFs) with their respective specific cis-regulatory elements (CREs) in the so-called cis-regulatory modules (CRMs) in DNA. Although the knowledge of CREs and CRMs in a genome is crucial to elucidate gene regulatory networks and understand many(More)
Background: Finding orthologous genes among multiple sequenced genomes is a primary step in comparative genomics studies. With the number of sequenced genomes increasing exponentially, comparative genomics becomes more powerful than ever for genomic analysis. However, the very large number of genomes in need of analysis makes conventional orthology(More)
Probes on a microarray represent a frozen view of a genome and are quickly outdated when new sequencing studies extend our knowledge, resulting in significant measurement error when analyzing any microarray experiment. There are several bioinformatics approaches to improve probe assignments, but without in-house programming expertise, standardizing these(More)
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