Ehsan Roohi

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INTRODUCTION The aim of this study was to investigate the current status of sonographic characteristics of thyroid nodules in Isfahan, a previously iodine deficient area in central Iran. MATERIAL AND METHODS In a cross-sectional study conducted in 2006, 2523 adult people (age > 20 years) were selected by a multistage clustering sampling method. Of these(More)
INTRODUCTION Thyroid nodules not detected in palpation but diagnosed following a radiological procedure or during surgery are called thyroid incidentalomas. We designed this study to investigate the prevalence of sonographic thyroid incidentaloma in Isfahan, Iran, for the first time. MATERIAL AND METHODS By a multistage cluster sampling method, 2523(More)
Abstract In this paper, different physical differential equations related to heat transfer and shear deformation of beams are solved by new but powerful analytical methods: Liao’s Homotopy method (H.M), Homotopy method with Pade approximation and the He’s Homotopy-Perturbation Method (HPM). Nonlinear convective–radiative cooling equation, nonlinear heat(More)
In this study the direct-simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) method is utilized to investigate thermal characteristics of micro- or nanocavity flow. The rarefied cavity flow shows unconventional behaviors which cannot be predicted by the Fourier law, the constitutive relation for the continuum heat transfer. Our analysis in this study confirms some recent(More)
One-bit transform (1BT) and its improved versions such as Constrained-1BT (C-1BT), Weighted Constrained (WC-1BT) invariably utilize filtered versions of image frames in constructing a bit plane. The proposed algorithm extends the use of filter kernel to conventional Two-bit transform (2BT) technique. The difference in the intensity levels of original frame(More)
A net gas flow can be induced in the gap between periodically structured surfaces held at fixed but different temperatures when the reflection symmetry along the channel axis is broken. Such a situation arises when one surface features a ratchet structure and can be augmented by altering the boundary conditions on different parts of this surface, with some(More)
Micro/nano geometries with specified wall heat flux are widely encountered in electronic cooling and micro/nano-fluidic sensors. We introduce a new technique to impose the desired (positive/negative) wall heat flux boundary condition in the DSMC simulations. This technique is based on an iterative progress on the wall temperature magnitude. It is found that(More)
The current paper discusses the peer review process in journals that publish research papers purveying new science and understandings (scientific journals). Different aspects of peer review including the selection of reviewers, the review process and the decision policy of editor are discussed in details. Here, the pros and cons of different conventional(More)